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Music has and always will be my connection to the world around me. I grew up in a musical family exposed to legendary artists and songwriters on a daily basis. We weren't a big TV watching household. Music was always on! I'm inspired by Rock, Soul, Country, Blues, and everything in between. Grateful to be a part of the incredible Nashville music community. Excited to announce that I have joined my friends, Ali Rose, and Kylee Stone on a new adventure, Due South! We're an all female country/rock vocal trio! We'll be seeing you very soon!

Ali Rose

Kylee Stone

Melissa Carter


Wiley Koepp/Coyote Music, Austin, TX

“...embodies stellar production value. — it’s got a full-bodied Nashville-country sound. For that reason, it’s got the potential to break into country radio and spread into fans’ playlists. Melissa’s got a crystalline voice and support that could take her to the top, possessing as much talent as anyone already there."

York Calling


“The debut single from singer-songwriter Melissa Carter is very impressive for a first release, putting her way ahead of many a more experienced musician from that genre. . . It makes for a great mix, and it also helps that the chorus is so incredibly catchy, to the point that we just can’t stop listening to it!"

Roger Jansen

“With an Americana core, enriched with pop elements and a country-dipped chorus, her new single is a multi-layered rollercoaster"

Hotel Cafe, LA

The Mint, LA

Warner Center, LA


Eddie's Attic, ATL


  • Vocals
  • Keyboard
  • Songwriter
  • Topline
  • BGVs
  • Logic PRO
  • Synch Writing
  • Marketing & Brand Development
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